Amolatina is the biggest dating scam

Posted On : September 2, 2019

This is the biggest dating scam i have seen on the is a lot like those nigerian internet scams aimed at fleecing you of all your money.unlike most legit dating sites where you pay about 40 dollars a month and you have unlimited access to all the girls on the site with this scam you have to buy credits to talk with the girls and the credits are expensive so you end at racking up a bill of a few thousand dollars before you realize that you are being scammed.none of the girls exist and when you are chatting you are just talking to a paid actor who will try to keep you online for as long as posible to keep those credits that you bought ticking over.guys dont be so stupid believing this scam and i agree with all the other negative reviews that all the 5 star reviews are fake written by amolatinahave you notice that everytime a negative review appears here amolatina write about 3 o 4 five star reviews that all seem to be written on the same day to try and drown out the negative review.if that is not proof that the 5 star reviews are fake then i dont know what is and dont believe a word that the rep maria says when she responds to this review.if you try and send a private message to her o customer service about this scam they ignore you


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