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AmoLatina worst scamming company in dating

I had a reply back from this AmoLatina ,They say complete and utter lies,yes I did a charge back,true because the girls are fake and earn money from this site,in the re…. More

david-paul - September 4, 2019
Amolatina is the biggest dating scam

This is the biggest dating scam i have seen on the is a lot like those nigerian internet scams aimed at fleecing you of all your money.unlike most legit dating sites where you pay about 40…. More

nadahnulad6 - September 2, 2019

One star review because you cant give a NO star review. This dating website use the services of SPAMMERS to market their company. I have received SPAM on numerous occasions from this site and every ti…. More

worndorfqh - September 2, 2019
Totally Fake

Totally Fake, Lot of good looking girls to look at and that is it. Like others said, robotic. Don’t believe when they tell you they will support you after you marry them. There are other sites that ar…. More

pmcpr7d - September 2, 2019
This is exciting

Online dating was never this exciting.I have met some real ladies on this site and I am looking forward to a happy ending with my special someone.The women on this website are quick with responses.The…. More

tenaoh - August 2, 2019

I spent $26usd buying credits to type chat with 3 women all from Ukraine who could not understand why they would want to email me and meet me on Skype if they and I were interested in getting to know …. More

sabinvw - August 2, 2019
Charmdate is very expensive

This sit is designed solely for financial gratification. It is designed to suck every penny it can get out of you. For instance if I am permitted to send up to 3 photo for free but on her part I am on…. More

chewicay1 - August 2, 2019