The decision whether we want to continue to get to know a person depends on what impression he made on us. A friendly, polite person who sincerely smiles at us, disposes to acquaintance and communication. The way men perceive a woman. Whether they want to get positive emotions to know her and. After the first letters, continue to get to know her, depends on. What impression she makes on them. Unlike real life and dating in everyday situations. You can impress a man on an international dating site with the help of good photos and pleasant. Interesting communication.

Think about it, did it happen that after. The first letters you noticed that the gentleman is rapidly. Losing interest and his words give the impression. That they were written simply out of politeness? Why does it happen? Often we ourselves do not suspect. That we are “splashing out” on a new acquaintance. The entire burden of disappointments, resentments and problems that have accumulated in us. But communication and acquaintance. The purpose of which is the birth of warm feelings for each other and the beginning of a serious relationship. Should bring positive emotions to both. Negative emotions, sad letters, stories about problems and betrayals can only cause pity. A man will want to continue his acquaintance with a woman. Who smiles at him, whose letters bring him positive emotions. Joy, laughter and positive emotions bring people together. They want to continue communication and enjoy life together.

The woman you want to meet should be associated with positive emotions.

A smile, kindness and attractiveness, but not with problems, resentment, anger and emptiness. The feeling of “emptiness” gives rise to all short, unambiguous answers. All “letters”, the content of which is limited to unemotional “hello”, “understandable”, “ok”. A man will be ready to solve the problems of a woman. When she becomes his wife, however, not everyone will want to listen to the complaints of a woman who is stranger to him. triptogether.com


Positive-minded people find it easier to find a common language and it is more interesting to talk with each other.

Smiling and Divorce Probability: Positive Emotions

Matthew J. Hartenstein of the American University DePauw has investigated. The relationship between a person’s ability to smile and the likelihood. That his family life will end in divorce. To do this, he analysed the childhood photographs and adult. Lives of more than 700 Americans! Divorced people in childhood photographs. Were less smiling. Those who looked gloomy in school photographs. Are more likely to have experienced a divorce in adulthood!

Smile and friendliness in European countries

An important component of everyday and business life of Europeans is the manifestation of friendliness and good manners. Friendly and polite are not only employees. Whose work results directly depend on their courtesy and good manners (for example, salespeople, consultants in stores), but also government employees. If you contact any government agency. The first thing you will encounter will be the smile and greeting of a government official.

Smiling at each other is not only people who are obligated by. Their position or work charter. In Germany, for example, neighbors smile and greet each other for no particular reason. Even if they don’t know each other personally! Complete strangers can greet and smile at each other. This is not a manifestation of a desire to get to know each other or the pursuit of other goals, this is friendliness!

One of the signs by which Europeans “recognize” Slavs on. The streets is the lack of a smile and a serious, and sometimes gloomy, expression on their faces.

We talked about the importance of politeness in correspondence with a German man in. The article “Dating Germans: about politeness and the culture of writing” . triptogether

The opinion of European men about Slavic women

Men from Western Europe believe that Slavic women not only have a beautiful appearance, but are also distinguished by their kindness, openness, caring and friendliness. Unfortunately, men are at a loss when in communication they feel the closeness, alertness and coldness of ladies. Positive Emotions This is conveyed through the frown on the face in the photo, unambiguous answers and an underlined lack of interest in the life of a man (many women are embarrassed or intentionally do not ask a man questions).

Always remember that a sincere smile is a natural adornment of every woman! She attracts attention and charms men!

In conclusion, we note that if you want to get to know a European and create harmonious relations with him , smile more and do not focus your attention on the negative aspects of life, relationships, acquaintances! Of course, a smile is not a “magic wand” with which you can solve all the problems in life and is far from the main component of the relationship between a man and a woman. However, it helps to attract the attention of a man, defuse the situation, and show that a man is not indifferent to you.

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  1. Add to the profile on the international dating site more photos in which you smile, because a smile is more conducive to acquaintance than a gloomy and dissatisfied expression on your face.
  2. Smile at a man while chatting on Skype, thereby you will let him know without words that you are not indifferent to him.
  3. Talk more about joyful and happy moments in your life.

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