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This need to be SHUT DOWN ASAP
This need to be SHUT DOWN ASAP too many girls are asses
zenia15no - October 11, 2019
A bad site to use
A bad site to use. Very difficult to register…
durmancu - October 11, 2019
Difficult to Register
i have been trying to join the web site and my goodness it is hard to come up with a user name… why don’t they have suggested name to make it easier.
plzendv - October 10, 2019
Very poor service
I was hacked 3 days ago, have contacted ArabianDate through email and have had friends who are on ArabianDate also contact them about the hacker. I have yet to hear anything back from ArabianDate . I am an upgraded member for over 2 years. Very poor service
hilainy3w - October 7, 2019
This site sucks
This site sucks it deleted my account twice for no explained reason.. I’m a female & I was just on it looking to actually date someone but this site completely ruined the online dating experience for me DO NOT DOWNLOAD waste of time
credensblog8b - October 5, 2019
Stay clear as there is something dodgy about him
Anyone talking to breathiffreshair100 he is a fake, the photos he has used are of a famous American baseball player. Stay clear as there is something dodgy about him
photosocjs - October 5, 2019
Site is a rippoff
Site is a rippoff…closed my account for no reason and stole my money….this site is horrible!!
titkox2 - October 3, 2019
Stupid site
It seems to me if u don’t pay its no point in having the profile on that stupid site.
e1zwu - October 1, 2019
Anastasiadate sucks
This website is a big waste of time. I read the other reviews and there is no way this site is a one star or above. Those who gave it a good review must be paid for their comments or are company employees. This site sucks. You can;’t even look for the age range that you want. Anastasiadate decides who is a better match for you. Come on this isn’t a Communist Country. I can think for myself.
hlamesup - September 27, 2019
I guess it was luck.
I didn’t have a chance to meet nice guys on this site, except for one. I guess it was luck.
harii93 - September 23, 2019
Automated message by russianbrides
Free to sign up but not free to chat. They lure you in by making it seem like your have message from other women or men. But most of these are automated message by russianbrides. If you do get a match you have to buy coin to talk to them. Even though you are already a member. I regret choosing this dating site,it’s a waste of money.
alencedauttongt - September 22, 2019
Don't waste your money on latinfeels
Don’t waste your money on latinfeels. It’s set up as a scheme where they only reveal certain people the more you get involved and spend your points. It’s not open access to all profiles and you can’t just pick whomever you want to correspond with. I was a fool by subscribing for 3 months–after the first day I emailed them asking for my money back and they refused. Don’t get tricked! Avoid them!
himpjb - September 17, 2019
AmoLatina worst scamming company in dating
I had a reply back from this AmoLatina ,They say complete and utter lies,yes I did a charge back,true because the girls are fake and earn money from this site,in the reviews you do get women you have spoken to sending chat requests,beware it’s a computer.these girls are here to make money,nothing more,if you are lucky to meet some one then I have not a clue how they done it,stay away from this site you will just waste hundreds of dollars,as I did,also I did a charge back on my account as I only spoke to computers…
david-paul - September 4, 2019
One star review because you cant give a NO star review. This dating website use the services of SPAMMERS to market their company. I have received SPAM on numerous occasions from this site and every time they insist that i have been unsubscribed but the SPAM keeps on flowing. I have repeatedly asked for the contact details of the SPAMMERS that they use but they are unwilling to give them up. THIS IS A WEBSITE THAT ACTIVELY SUPPORTS SPAMMERS BE VERY CAREFUL..
worndorfqh - September 2, 2019
Totally Fake
Totally Fake, Lot of good looking girls to look at and that is it. Like others said, robotic. Don’t believe when they tell you they will support you after you marry them. There are other sites that are free that I met my fiippino wife from, she is genuine and I married her.
pmcpr7d - September 2, 2019
Amolatina is the biggest dating scam
This is the biggest dating scam i have seen on the is a lot like those nigerian internet scams aimed at fleecing you of all your money.unlike most legit dating sites where you pay about 40 dollars a month and you have unlimited access to all the girls on the site with this scam you have to buy credits to talk with the girls and the credits are expensive so you end at racking up a bill of a few thousand dollars before you realize that you are being scammed.none of the girls exist and when you are chatting you are just talking to a paid actor who will try to keep you online for as long as posible to keep those credits that you bought ticking over.guys dont be so stupid believing this scam and i agree with all the other negative reviews that all the 5 star reviews are fake written by amolatinahave you notice that everytime a negative review appears here amolatina write about 3 o 4 five star reviews that all seem to be written on the same day to try and drown out the negative review.if that is not proof that the 5 star reviews are fake then i dont know what is and dont believe a word that the rep maria says when she responds to this review.if you try and send a private message to her o customer service about this scam they ignore you
nadahnulad6 - September 2, 2019
This is exciting
Online dating was never this exciting.I have met some real ladies on this site and I am looking forward to a happy ending with my special someone.The women on this website are quick with responses.The attention I have got here has made me so happy and confident.
tenaoh - August 2, 2019
Charmdate is very expensive
This sit is designed solely for financial gratification. It is designed to suck every penny it can get out of you. For instance if I am permitted to send up to 3 photo for free but on her part I am only allowed to receive 1 single photo thereafter I am compelled to pay a credit (1credit= US$6) for any other photo. Depending on where you live it is cheaper to purchase an air ticket than to purchase a bundle of credits. There are many other rip off issues that I would need to write a book. So I wont bore the reader any further
chewicay1 - January 2, 2019
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