Couples Advice to Singles: Take It Or Leave It? 2022

The truth comes out of the mouths of Couples Advice to Singles . Finally, nothing is so certain… However, if it worked for them, why not for you? Instead of throwing stones at the first couple who come to advise you, why not take inspiration from those who have crossed the threshold of celibacy. After all, there is no obligation to respect the advice of others. You can also inquire for tips of an informative nature.

“Frequent the right places”

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT : To begin with, it is obviously necessary to remember that there is no magic place that would supplant the others for Cupid to shoot his arrow. The meeting spots where most (future) couples meet are both classic and surprising: at weddings , on a “backpack” trip abroad, at the office, on vacation , in a nightclub, during a dinner with friends, in a bar, on Meetic, in an incredible situation, in the hospital, skiing after falling… All combinations are possible, the main thing being to know where YourLatinMates you feel the more in his element to meet people. The magic of the place can sometimes cause the chemical spark that we were looking for for a crush (or more).

“Don’t despair” – Couples Advice to Singles

TO TAKE : celibacy is far from being a meager period in events and other small pleasures of all kinds. You can take advantage of your celibacy and even blossom fully by traveling solo, discovering new people like you have never met before. Hope as a driving force often makes it possible to discover unsuspected resources.

“Going out” (and even “going out a lot”)

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT : Going out allows you to take the temperature of what awaits you on the dating market, and not only. Even if we confine ourselves to establishing appointments on the internet by looking for the right profiles, we still have to think about a step 2 by concretizing a meeting in person. And yes, we are not yet robots disconnected from all materiality…

” Stay yourself ! »

TAKE : Authenticity in dating pays off. The more you cultivate your imperfections , without letting them dominate too much, the more the charm operates! It’s proven, you’re more likely to stand out, by indulging in your little eccentricities and asserting your personality, than by turning into a wax doll (or sound…).

“Dare the unknown, originality”

TO TAKE: It is by going off the beaten track that we make the most beautiful encounters. Challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone can do a lot. We may be allergic to this or that activity (like football), we are not immune to a great story with its absolute opposite. Never say never !

Couples Advice to Singles: Take It Or Leave It? 2022“Accept arranged dinners”

TAKEAWAY: It may seem old-fashioned or outdated, but dinner parties still work just as well these days. And then if you want the pleasures of the table to turn into pleasures of the flesh, you have to go to the pan!

Love (even lost) has always inspired artists in all fields. And probably even a little more when it comes to putting it into words / melodies. When the heart races or suffers, YourLatinMates.Com genius is sometimes not far away… Here is our playlist of the most beautiful songs inspired by breakups (to listen to with a few handkerchiefs nearby…).

Stromae – Couples Advice to Singles

“You would have seen me yesterday, I was great”, “she’s going to dump you like they do every time” : jaded, drunk, the Belgian singer delivers the suffering of lost love, disappointed. With this title, he exploded his talent! And gave us the most modern of ruptures.

Léo Ferré – Over time

” The heart, when it beats more, there’s no need to look any further, you have to let it go and that’s fine “: here is the pessimistic but timeless vision of the impossibility of loving again. This poetic text has lost none of its power, despite the years. The secret of geniuses…

Adele – Couples Advice to Singles

One of the most significant songs of recent years, and for good reason: the voice of the diva tells a story that touches us all. Sadness, nostalgia, loss of the one we love. And despite that, keep moving forward, wishing for the best, and believing in it. Everything is there…

Serge Gainsbourg – I came to tell you that I’m leaving

“ Yes I loved you, yes but… ”, “ You are suffocating, you are turning pale now that the hour has come ”. The provocative poet does not spare the woman he is about to leave. A statement that never ceases to touch us. Especially where it hurts…

Lara Fabian – Couples Advice to Singles

” Everything, everything, everything is over between us “. The simplest words sometimes make the most beautiful statements. Pop and screaming, this song has the merit of revealing all our feelings.

Benjamin Biolay & Jeanne Cherhal – Brandt Rhapsody

“ We have to meet again, you know since Tuesday I thought a lot about you ”. Whispered, almost spoken, this story recounts the couple at their finest and worst. 100% daily but so true: the new wave of French song knows how to do it.

Vianney – I hate you

“ When I think about it, nothing heals it, the gap you left” . The words ring out, collide on light music. Vianney, or when the rupture is slamming!

James Blunt – Couples Advice to Singles

Tearful, this farewell song plunges us into a pathos that we sometimes need to let emotions fly away.

Celine Dion – For You to Love Me Again

This mythical ballad rocked all lovers, especially the wounded. “ That if everything zaps and wearies, loves also pass (…) I will throw sooorts at you so that you love me coooooore. » : when love burns in the body, and you are not ready (at all) to let it fly away! Powerful, this song continues to feed romantic imaginations…

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Pink – Couples Advice to Singles

This is the cry to avoid rupture! Pink’s hoarse voice struggles (almost literally in the clip) not to let the other go. The one that counts.

Jacques Brel – Couples Advice to Singles

The song. The masterpiece. Perhaps the one who has never been equaled to speak of the misfortune of living without his love.

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