Why Does A Woman Cheat - The Most Common Reasons

“Betrayal is born in small, unfavorable comparisons of Why Does A Woman Cheat our partner with real or imaginary other relationships, in” understating “what we have versus” nurturing “what is outside the relationship – John Gottman

While social norms and Hollywood movies often portray DilMil.co men as the sex more prone to cheating, research shows that the gender gap resulting from infidelity is narrowing.

Physical betrayal, emotional betrayal of a woman

There isn’t much that can be said about infidelity before defining it. What is worth remembering, for everyone the definition of betrayal may be completely different, even the researchers of the topic have completely different definitions. Physical betrayal is the least controversial .

It is commonly understood as a violation of sexual exclusivity expectations and can be as minor as a kiss or as significant as sex.

Emotional infidelity has many definitions and you can of course have your own here, most often it means an intense emotional bond, often with a strong tension of desire in the background that competes and weakens the main relationship / marriage. Research shows that heterosexual women perceive emotional infidelity as almost as threatening their relationships as physical infidelity, while heterosexual men are more likely to worry about sexual infidelity (YouGov research).

Betrayal of a woman – signs of betrayal of a partner

How to spot cheating is one of the most searched terms and probably questions when one of your partners suspects cheating. If you are wondering if there are any specific behaviors that can be recognized as betrayal by a woman, unfortunately I have to disappoint you – there aren’t! DilMil There are no binary indications, but there are some behaviors worth paying attention to, especially if they haven’t been present in a relationship before.

Betrayal – the behavior of a cheating woman

The list below doesn’t have to be a betrayal, don’t treat it that way. These are only signals that need to be deepened, rather than the basis for accusations in the relationship.

  1. Changes in communication– including changing the topic, avoiding conversation, cutting off, but also increased emotional reactions, accusing
  2. Changes in appearance, a sudden greater attachment to the external appearance.
  3. New hobbies / interests that consume a lot of time.
  4. Intensified criticism towards you– appearance, behavior, work.
  5. Mystery, stiffened boundaries in the area of ​​personal belongings 
  6. No interest in intimacy.
  7. Accusations of treason. 
  8. Financial misunderstandings and / or need to separate finances.

Why Does A Woman Cheat - The Most Common ReasonsThis is not an exhaustive list, and the above list can also be a sign of your partner’s emotional difficulties, problems at work, problems with self-esteem, self-confidence! Remember that!

What does a cheating woman feel? – Why Does A Woman Cheat

Perhaps you are wondering if changes in behavior trigger changes in the cheating person’s well-being? Cheating women (men as well) may have varying levels of remorse and guilt or regret whether their partners know anything about their affairs or not. But as often as guilt, betrayal is explained and viewed as a necessary catalyst for change, or an attempt to fight for yourself and your better well-being.

Why do girls cheat? – Why Does A Woman Cheat

Researchers at the Kinsey Institute and the Center for the Promotion of Sexual Health at Indiana University in 2011 surveyed more than 1,000 people, half of whom were married and all indicated that they were in monogamous relationships. The men in the study were on average thirty-three years old, while the average age of the women was twenty-eight. 19 percent of women and 23 percent of men confessed to cheating, so the fact of being cheated was quite comparable.

The reasons for the betrayals were different for these groups. The surveyed women were more likely to cheat, if they felt dissatisfied with their relationships and were looking for an emotional connection , men more often cheated in search of excitement. Other reasons indicated by women include:

  • A feeling of loneliness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Unmet emotional needs in a relationship
  • Distance, boredom, lack of emotional connection
  • Lack of physical closeness, rejection by the partner
  • Escape from recurring relationship problems
  • A way to end the current relationship.

A girl cheated on me what to do? – Why Does A Woman Cheat

There are few traumas in life as devastating as finding out that you are betrayed. Betrayal in a relationship hits deep and shakes our sense of worth and security. If you are like most of the betrayed partners, you can tire yourself for weeks with ” what did you do wrong” or ” how did it happen that you missed all the signs and signals ?” Remember that while both partners have problems in a relationship, betrayal is one decision! Dealing with betrayal is a challenging process, so try to find an objective source of support and guidance – a coach, therapist, or a good friend – but one that won’t throw your fears and problems over love, women, and relationships onto you!

How to prevent betrayal?

Wondering what to look for in your relationship to prevent cheating? I don’t think that’s the best intention for taking care of a relationship! Most often we attract our greatest fears. However, it is worth strengthening the so-called an emotional fidelity that is not forever and can be lost at any time in a relationship and at any age. How? Here it is helpful to understand Gary Smalley’s 6 levels of communication . According to him, couples who often experience betrayal usually only communicate on the first two or three of the six levels.

Level 1 Small talk / casual conversation 

It applies to everyday contact like – How are you? Good morning! What’s up? Have a nice day . What are your plans ?

Level 2 Facts 

Sharing facts, such as it’s raining outside, my team lost the game yesterday, the currencies went up, etc. Like the first levels, this is superficial information that does not carry a risk of conflict, but also does not build an emotional bond.

Level 3 is Opinions. – Why Does A Woman Cheat

At this level of communication, you go from superficial (Small Talk) and undeniable (Facts) conversations to sharing your opinions about the world around you. Conversation at this level can lead to conflict, but it is also the first step to strengthening emotional fidelity.

Level 4 is Feelings.

Sharing your deepest emotions, feelings, fears, pain, disappointment, but also successes and joys …

Level 5 Needs

Ability to talk about your emotional and functional needs, values ​​and boundaries.

Level 6 Beliefs – Why Does A Woman Cheat

World view, world view of relationships, love, gender etc.

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While infidelity can be an event that causes a relationship to break up dramatically. Relationships rather end when couples don’t communicate openly. As they struggle with a disengagement to keep their marriage / relationship going. These are problems that make repair and reconciliation impossible. Not every relationship can be repaired, and not everyone should always be repaired at all costs.

However, betrayal can be an illusion. We can believe that this is the way to find true love. To raise weakening self-esteem, or to fill a void in your current relationship. However, very often, betrayal ends up not only destroying. The relationship, but also our self-confidence.

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