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Many couple Happy Relationships start out with loving feelings only to find that gradually love faded into the background. Instead, there is frustration, anger, hurt, and helplessness that has submerged the previous love feelings. Is there a way to rekindle these loving feelings?

The answer has a lot to do with the willingness of both parties to try to understand and change the way they communicate with each other. Initially, sexual attraction may bring couples together. It takes compatibility, friendship, open communication, and an appreciation for each other’s uniqueness to create satisfying relationships. There are always three parts to a relationship: I, you, and we. How the couple makes these three parts work determines how the initial love continues to flourish.

I am a big believer that many couples can rekindle their relationship. There are however some who have endured too much pain or they have concluded that their partner is not right for them. For them ending the relationship may be the wisest decision. LetmeDate.com They can look at this as a learning experience and do

Happy Relationships Need More Than LoveNew Relationships differently.

Rekindling involves each person taking risks to communicate honestly with the other. Communication breakdowns happen because people operate from their own experiences as to what is safe to say or not. For instance, if one person in a relationship feels he/she has to be the boss and the other goes along with this to keep the peace there is a problem. To go along with something in order to avoid conflict will not work in the long run. Both people have taken on roles where they have to shut down parts of themselves.

In order to rekindle love, there has to be a desire to get to know and appreciate the partner as he/she is now. Together the couple can figure out what new skills they need to learn and what changes they need to make in order for them to be happy both as individuals and as a couple.

Love Is Like Gambling – Happy Relationships

Though there are so many beautiful sentences and words to describe love, I just want to say that love is like gambling. No matter who you are, or how skillful you are, when you are gambling, you cannot be the winner all the time. Even if you had known so many gambling guides, casino tips, or bingo guides, etc., you will have a chance to be a loser. So does love.

We all know that love is not an easy thing. It is about two persons with different backgrounds and a different life. It is difficult that let another person get involved in your own life. For many couples, though they have been married for so many years, they might also be able to adapt to the other one’s habit sometimes. That is why so many husbands and wives will quarrel with each other for tinny stuff after falling in love for such a long time.

Today, one of my college classmates pastes some photos on QQ. It’s the wedding pictures of her ex-boyfriend. He is getting married, but the bride is not her. At that moment, I feel hurt from the bottom of my heart, for her, for him, and for myself. Sometimes, love from is just so fragile. Time flies, love also flies.

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Once upon a time, somebody promised me that he will love me forever, and he will take care of me for my whole life. As time went by, everything is different. Happy Relationships The promise continues to echo in my ears, while the person has disappeared. I know that we haven’t abandoned each other; we just lost each other forever and ever. Maybe just like gambling, when good luck smiles at you. You can surely succeed even though you haven’t got any guides or strategies. On the contrary, you might meet your Waterloo even if you once proved to be an excellent gambler.

Perhaps, the most important thing is to cherish what you have got in hand, be positive and optimistic. No one is going to be the loser forever, the lucky goddess will smile at you sooner or later.

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